LED Cold light sources

Powerful and energy-efficient - with our LED cold light sources! Compared with a 150 W or 250 W halogen cold light source, the LED cold light source achieves a reduction of up to 70 percent in operating costs.

Our cold light sources are based on innovative LED technology that is not only more powerful, but also cheaper in consumption than conventional halogen cold light sources.

If you need an intense, infra-red-free light, cold light sources are used to guide the light specifically to the object with fibre optic components.

The application areas of the cold light source can be found mainly in the fields of microscopy, macroscopy, machine vision, as a light source for industrial and medical endoscopy as well as for all applications that require the flexible transport of light.

With our high-power ZLED cold light sources, you work with light similar to daylight that is much brighter than a 150 W or 250 W halogen cold light source. In addition, the LED cold light source has a lower colour temperature drift.

Product advantages

  • Our LED cold light sources consume 70% less energy than halogen cold light sources and protect the environment through lower CO2 emissions.
  • The cold light sources fit all common fibre-optic light guides through the use of adapters.
  • After 50,000 hours, the LED light output is at least 70% with no clearly discernible differences in brightness. Thus, the replacement of lights, is completely eliminated.
  • Additional safety for the user: If the fibre-optic light guide is removed during operation, the light turns off automatically.
  • Another advantage is the ultra-quiet fan (weighted acoustic power level of 36 dB (A))
  • The internal, wide-range 100-240 V power supply can be used worldwide.

Save energy and money with LED cold light sources. Plus: Preserve the environment.

The following example shows the comparison of operating costs under the assumption that the cold light sources are used 200 days for 8 hours and the average price of electricity is 28 cents per kilowatt hour:

Cold light source Power consumption Cost
CLS 6000 70 W € 39,20
150 W halogen 200 W € 112 + changing the bulb
CLS 9000 80 W € 44,80
250 W halogen 300 W € 168 + changing the bulb

Companies with very large laboratories have, in part, more than 500 microscopes with up to 2 cold light sources in use. For these firms, in extreme cases, about € 60,000 per year in energy costs can be saved alone by replacing the halogen cold light sources with the ZLED CLS LED cold light sources. Also for smaller quantities, replacement of the bulbs makes sense. Save with us - for your business and your environment!