A company with history: ZETT OPTICS. A development from its beginnings to today with the best prerequisites for a successful future. We stand here for quality and efficiency both today and in the future.

The origin: In 1928, the "Eric Zillmer, Apparatebau und Phototechnische Anstalt" was founded.
The focus: The development and series production of slide projectors.

We now belong to the Zeiss Ikon AG.

We enter the development and production of medical and laboratory equipment.

We become the subsidiary of Leica Camera AG and, at the same time, the location for the development and production of Leica projectors.

The company changes its name to ZETT OPTICS GmbH.

Our technology brand ZLED is launched. These product lines are developed and produced in-house at ZETT OPTICS.

The entry into interior lighting by the newly added subsidiary ZETT LITE LIGHTING GmbH, which has brought experience to this sector since 1948.

Acquisition of HELLUX companies, one of the most prestigious suppliers of street lighting in Germany in existance since 1891. This completes the range of products in the entire sector of technical lights.

By sharing synergies and technological expertise within the ZETT GROUP, our market position is further strengthened.

The business operations of ZETT OPTICS GmbH was shut down after an insolvency proceeding for end of November 2015.

The WILD Group from Austria takes over the "intellectual heritage" of ZETT Optics GmbH and consequently complements the range of innovative lighting technology solutions.

Inform yoursel: www.wild.at and www.photonic.at